Glucose Controller Kit

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BNC Glucose Controller, 480 tablets, 8 tablets per serving, 2 month supply
NutraGreen Lime Oil Gluco-Controller, 60 softgels, 1 serving per day, 2 month supply
Two Powerful Glucose Supporters that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels through balancing sugar release into the blood and insulin production of pancreas.
Chromium Chloride and D-Limonene each have natural nutritional benefits that can support insulin resistance by offering enzymes which breakdown carbohydrates and absorb amino acids & fats into healthy cholesterol and blood sugar balances.
• Both supplements offer digestive aid properties, healthy weight and appetite maintenance & powerful Antioxidants
Ingredients for BNC Glucose Controller: Chromium Chloride, Blueberry powder, bilberry extract, Spirulina powder
Ingredients for NutraGreen Lime Oil Gluco-Controller: Lime Oil, D-Limonene