NutraGreen 3x Prostate Support


SUPPORT BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERBLASIA (BPH): Enlarged prostate can be supported with natural berries and extracts such as Saw Palmetto, Lycopene and Pumpkin Seed for bladder irregularity, unbalanced hormone production, sexual drive, pelvic pains and declined hair growth.

SAW PALMETTO 2,000mg for URINARY FLOW and LIBIDO DRIVE: Triple Strength potency can support normal size prostate glands through hormone metabolism and cellular properites that prevent oxidation and reduce abnormal growth.

SUPPORT HAIR LOSS BY BLOCKING DHT: Saw Palmetto berries may be able to block an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, this enzyme converts testosterone into DHT which creates barriers for normal hair growth and regeneration.

CAN ADDRESS FERTILITY COUNT and SPERM REPRODUCTION: Improvement is sometimes needed when stressed hormones fail to produce normal fertility counts, antioxidants can improve cells within the glands to boost their regeneration rates.

Manufactured in the USA GMP-certified facotry & produced at a FDA-Registered facility; to ensure quality sourcing, high potency and purity

[Main Ingredients]

Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta Sitosterol, Rye Grass Extract & Pumpkin Seed Extract


2 capsules daily with meals