NutraGreen Astaxanthin 12 mg


POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS FROM NATURE : Fat soluable Astaxanthin combined with assorted fruits & vegitable blend enhancing antioxidant power fighting free radicals deep at the cellular level.

MAXIMUM POTENCE FAT SOLUABLE ANTIOXIDANT: 12 mg astaxanthin extracted from Haematoccocus pluvialis mircoalgae promotes cellular health of body, eyes, skin, heart, brain and joints, protects cells though neutralizing free radicals

POWER FROM PLANT BLEND: 300 mg mixtured extract of bilberry Citrus Biovlavoroid, blueberry, blackberry, rsphery, cranberry, carrot, brocoli, kale, tomato, spinach

PROMOTES HEALTHY DAILY MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY: maintain your pain levels, stiff aches and inflammation of joints, recoverage from exercises

Manufactured in the USA GMP-certified facotry & produced at a FDA-Registered facility; to ensure quality sourcing, high potency and purity

[Main Ingredients]

Astaxanthin, HB-12 blend, bilberry extract & kale powder


1 capsule daily with meals

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