NutraGreen Liver Optimizer


MILK THISTLE is a NATURAL and HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE to CLEANSE the LIVER: Eliminates toxins by providing anti-oxidants that neutralize free-radicals and encourage the regeneration of liver cells.

OUR LIVER DETOX SUPPLEMENT CONTAINS POTENT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: help prevent cardiovascular disease, balance cholesterol & blood sugar levels (for type 2 diabetes) and aid cell regeneration associated with post chemotherapy (for cancer patients).

BENEFICIAL HERBS: include Selenium Yeast promote healthy thyroid hormones for fighting bacterial, along with folate (folic acid) which is doctor recommended during pregnancy to support proper fetal development.

A HEALTHY MILD LAXATIVE: that can remove toxic waste from the liver, promote a healthy appetite and boost immune system response against infection or serious diseases.

Manufactured in the USA GMP-certified facotry & produced at a FDA-Registered facility; to ensure quality sourcing, high potency and purity

[Main Ingredients]

Mik Thistle Extract, Vitamin B12, Selenium, & Turmeric Root Powder


3 capsules daily with meals